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high-impact mentoring 

This is a 3-session program spanning a 7 week period. You're full-on, one-to-one with Paul. He helps you create more impact in your business and your life than you could ever imagine. His focus is on one thing — high impact results for you. As simple and as profound as that.

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a KEYNOTE for your conference 

Not surprisingly, this is high-impact too. At your Conference (whether it's live or virtual) you want someone who is totally current, totally switched-on and full of wisdom and experience (like 4 TEDx sessions for example). But above all, you want someone who really makes a difference and an impact with every single person in your audience. That’s precisely the wonderment Paul brings to you and to your audiences. 

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high-impact writing 

Let’s be direct: words matter. And not just the words, but the sequence in which they work — some people call that ‘cadence’. So whether your need is for a web-page, a blog, an email sequence or a brochure, Paul brings  wonderment to it so that whatever the ‘piece’ is, it really connects, it really stands out and, most importantly, it really ‘works’ for you. (Oh, Paul guarantees it does too!) 

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high-impact presentations 

Here, Paul's not working at making you a great presenter if you’ve never ‘keynoted’ before (that is a side benefit though). Rather Paul's working with you directly and specifically on an up-coming presentation you’re giving and making you really connect with and move your audience like never before. 

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high-impact web events 

You’ve probably experienced it: almost all Web Events (most people call them Webinars — and that’s part of the problem) are boring and they don’t bring you the connection and the result you want. Paul's been using Zoom since 2014 and so is totally familiar with the very best ways to make Web Events work differently and superbly for you. So here Paul works through your meetings and Web/Virtual Events with you to bring you (and your audience) real wonderment AND brilliant results for you. 

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high-impact pricing, positioning and 'pitching'

Two important thoughts: first: all of us tend to have more problem with our pricing than our potential customers ever do. Second: the quickest and easiest way to change your revenues and profits is to ‘tweak’ your pricing. That changes your positioning AND your messaging, whether that's messaging to investors, team members, existing and potential customers. Paul brings wonderment to your these process with strategies firmly based on Behavioural Economics, experience and wisdom. 

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Transforming businesses. Impacting our world.

Over the last four decades, I have worked with over 150,000 businesses. I've mentored thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs and delivered keynote presentations at countless events including 4  TEDx events.

I believe that businesses with a real sense of purpose really do change our world. With this belief, I co-founded the B1G1 initiative in 2007. Now, B1G1 is now used by thousands of businesses right around the world, shifting the very spirit of those businesses.

And we integrate that same B1G1 'spirit' right into the heart and core of too. It allows us to make sure that every time we work with you, something great happens in our world as well.

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What people say

Daniel Priestley
“All of us in business have a ‘moment’ that really matters. For me that was when I met the man my Dad said I had to meet. Dad was right, big time!

And now my business continues to grow apace thanks to that meeting and to Paul’s on-going mentoring.

Paul continues to have such a positive impact on so many people — he is such a positive force in our world.
Steve Pipe
UK Entrepreneur of the Year
I have seen his ideas and presentations transform the results of hundreds upon hundreds of UK businesses, including my own.

I have seen his ideas and presentations transform the results of hundreds of UK businesses, including my own.

If you want better results, you simply must connect with Paul!
Tim Munro
There is no-one else that has Paul’s unique understanding of 'connection' between clients and advisory firms. Paul takes his keynotes to another level not achieved by anyone else in our profession.

Even though I’m extremely busy running my multiple businesses, I’d drop everything to attend a conference if Paul Dunn is speaking.

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