The Sustainable Development Goals made simple

We've had the 17 SDGs (or Global Goals) since September 2015.

17 targets which we have to achieve by 2030. 17 targets which represent the first time that the Global Body (the UN that is) acknowledged that it's NOT governments that change our world, it's businesses.

Yet as powerful as the goals are, their 'uptake' has not been what the world needs — we're behind where we need to be.

And last week, we came across a truly profound yet simple re-arrangement of the Goals done by Singapore's Sovereign Fund — Temasek.

Someone wondered if the goals could be arranged in a different way, would they 'connect' more, would they have more impact on businesses to get involved?

Take a look — here at B1G1 we think it's an absolutely spectacular re-arrangement. Take a look at the video below and do let us know. We'd love you to share the idea.

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